2016 Spring Show Recap + Winners

The Academy of Art Spring Show spotlights the talents of our hardworking students from all majors — and the students from the School of Graphic Design greeted visitors as they walked through the doors of 2225 Jerrold Street on May 23rd.

Over two dozen Graphic Design students — both BFA and MFA graduates from our onsite and online programs — were there to show off their portfolios and meet with friends, family, industry-insiders, and prospective employers. It was a day filled with pride, a bit of relief, and a lot of jubilation as ten of these talented students were awarded scholarships courtesy of the School of Graphic Design’s partnerships with Trinchero Family Estates and Monotype Imaging Holdings.

Online Director Anitra Nottingham presents the MFA online awards as Jeremy Stout (Left) and Phil Hamlett (right) cheer on the winners.

Online Director Anitra Nottingham presents the MFA online awards as Jeremy Stout (left) and Phil Hamlett (right) cheer on the winners. [/EG]

The Winners:

Trinchero Family Estates Award for Design Excellence.
This award is funded through real world projects for the wineries owned by the Trinchero Family.

  • Jacob Bang (BFA)
  • Erik Vaage (BFA)
  • Evan Tolleson (BFA)

Monotype Imaging Award for Design Excellence
This is funded through the generousity of the company to support excellence in typographic design.

  • Yu Rong (MFA)
  • Andrea Novo (MFA)
  • Park Premvaranon (MFA)
  • Hannah Garmin (MFA/online)
  • David Spears (MFA/online)

AAU Continuing Student Award
This recognizes a student who has demonstrated outstanding contributions both in design and character.

  • Ali Jajarmi (BFA)
  • Kyle Fiore (BFA)

The portfolios of these students and the others from the 2016 Spring Show can be found online at 79NM.net.

[photo by Erica Lucy]

MFA winner Andrea Novo discusses her work with a visitor. [/EL]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

MFA winner Yu Rong discusses her work with a former student. [/EL]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

MFA online winners Hannah Garmin (left) and David Spears (right) travelled from the east coast to join in the show. [/EL]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

BFA winner(s) Jacob Bang (right) discusses his work with a visitor as Evan Tolleson (rear) listens in. [/EL]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

Steve Tolleson (left) of Tolleson Design (tolleson.com) talks with David Spears about his work. [/EL]

[photo by Alex Chen]

The cover of MFA winner Panupong (Park) Premvaranon’s portfolio features caricatures of the instructors and directors who helped him along his path. [/AC]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

BFA winner Erik Vaage (right) pauses for a photo with Mary Scott and Phil Hamlett. [/EL]

The Judges:

Many thanks to the panel of judges who combed over the portfolios and met with the students in order to make these distinctions:

  • Camilla Bravo (chair), Siegel+Gale
  • Agustín Garza, Garza Group
  • Michael Carabatta, Chronicle Books
  • Su Mathews Hale, Lippincott, AIGA President
  • Peter Kanai, HealthTap
    May 23, 2016

    Michael Carabatta (foreground) and Peter Kanai (background) [/AC]

    May 23, 2016

    Agustín Garza (center) [/AC]

    May 23, 2016

    Su Mathews Hale (left), Camila Bravo (center), and Peter Kanai (right) [/AC]

School of Graphic Design Directors, Associate Directors & Staff

The students graciously thanked their instructors and directors — a few with hugs and high-fives — throughout the day.

  • Mary Scott, Executive Director
  • Phil Hamlett, Graduate Director
  • Anitra Nottingham, Online Director
  • Hunter Wimmer, Associate Director
  • Jeremy Stout, Associate Online Director
  • Thomas McNulty, Associate Director
  • William Culpepper, Associate BFA Online Director
  • John Nettleton, Associate BFA Director
  • Samantha Perkins, Online Class Coordinator
  • Karen Barrett, Administration
  • Beatrice Nielsen, Administration

Also, special thanks to our team of student photographers whose images are featured here: Alex Chen [/AC], Erica Lucy [/EL], and Eugene Gushchin [/EG].

[photo by Erica Lucy]

The day was filled with energy and excitement… but mostly a lot of portfolio viewing, discussions, and smiles — lots of smiles. [/EL]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

Former Athletic Director (and SF49er) Jamie Williams stops by to chat with designer and AAU athlete Cody Moore. [/EL]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

Spring Show Judge Michael Carabatta stops by to chat with Maher Sinjary as Panupong (Park) Premvaranon and Chayanee (Aum) Iamsirikulmitr look on. [/EL]

[photo by Erica Lucy]

Executive Director Mary Scott chats with former Athletic Director (and SF49er) Jamie Williams about the students and their work. [/EL]

[photo by Samantha Perkins]

Mary Scott pauses for a photo with Park and his portfolio. [/SP]


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