De Bartolo’s new font is a versatile graphic partner

poster selectionTXT101, a new typographic creation from instructor/designer Carolina de Bartolo, is a distinctive, versatile and accomplished resource for designers seeking to incorporate rules, borders and graphic elements into their layouts. Originally developed to inject character into dry placeholder text used for page design, TXT101 leaves lorem ipsum behind: In this font, de Bartolo has created an impressive array of squiggles, zig-zags, loop-de-loops and waves and more to enliven those lonely text fields.

font details

First conceived as an interactive component to her excellent typesetting textbook Explorations in Typography, TXT101 was intended to give readers flexible interaction with various examples of layouts. Although she eventually scrapped the idea from the app version of her book, the designs stuck with her. De Bartolo recalls, “I still had all those different styles, so I contacted PSY/OPS, a type foundry here in San Francisco where a former student of mine, Chiharu Tanaka, works. I asked if they wanted to make my work into a font, and they said, ‘Sure!’ Chiharu ended up taking lead design duties on TXT101.”

Carolina de Bartolo is a designer and instructor in the Academy of Art University’s School of Graphic Design.

Beyond providing placeholding for copy yet unwritten, de Bartolo envisions more applications for the font. With the addition of corner joints, each style can be utilized as a multipurpose decorative border for any need. TXT 101 comprises four weights, 52 styles, and “∞ fun,” according to PSY/OPS.

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De Bartolo even created a beautiful blue-hued poster ($20 at Etsy) for TXT101 that exists on its own as an elegant piece of design, silk-screened onto Durotone paper in collaboration with Bloom Press of Oakland.

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Keep an eye on for future font designs and more by the multi-talented de Bartolo.

Buy TXT101 here.

Posted: Friday, January 24th, 2014
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