Deli design with legacy in mind

closer view of piatta (lede) AAUDedicated School of Graphic Design undergrad Erik Berger Vaage, a frequent offender here on, is receiving recognition from Packaging of the World for his standout designs of fictional, high-end Italian deli brand Piatta. Vaage executed these geometrically svelte wrappings and labels under the guidance of Package Design 2 class instructor Christine George.

dried pastas (1) AAUImmediately on viewing, these paper-labeled jewels leave behind rich sensory impressions, both ancient and modern. In finer artisanal food shops around the world, celebrated hunks of meat and cheese are often wrapped in paper. By maintaining that association—the feel of cool cheese under crinkly paper—a consumer instantly gets a sense of how it feels browsing exotic delis down the narrow streets of Rome.

overview of piatta (2) AAUThe second effect is a distinct allusion to Roman tile and mosaic in the geometric patterning of each design. This allover interlocking geometry can be seen today on the floors of once-opulent villas. Such a connection to the past says that these products reflect the legacy of Italian cuisine—that tradition and authenticity are important and worthy of preservation.

pesto and spaghetti (3) AAUErik Berger Vaage’s designs are physical proof of a robust design process that must have began with deep research. We can only assume his work will keep climbing in quality, and we’re eager to see what the future has in store for him.

wrapped cheese (4) AAUSee Erik Berger Vaage’s portfolio

Posted: Friday, June 5th, 2015
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