Flora Cruells Benzal’s designs capture the spirit of Catalonia

garrotxa 1 The visual flavors of Graphic Design student Flora Cruells Benzal’s native Catalonia are abundantly evident in a project recently featured by Packaging of the World. Her packaging designs for Garrotxa cheese are an eye-catching blend of the rustic and sophisticated—the compelling personality profile for which this region in Spain has become world renowned.

garrotxa 5

Developed in instructor Christine George’s Package Design 2 class, the packages are for Garrotxa, a cheese from the mountainous region of Spain. “Garrotxa, also known as pell florida, meaning ‘bloomy rind’ in the Catalonian language, is a traditional artisanal goat’s cheese,” says the artist. “It is aged in the humid Pyrenees caves to enhance mold development.” The cheese is coated with ash to allow the development of its deep flavor.

garrotxa 4

Knowing these unusual characteristics, the MFA student created a design that she says is clearly Catalonian, “reminiscent of stained glass windows in old churches.” She also employed dark colors to portray the idea of the caverns and the ash.

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Posted: Tuesday, April 29th, 2014
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