Mary Scott chronicles the Pantone Project

Mary Scott, executive director of the School of Graphic Design, tells the story of the Pantone Project concluded earlier this year, in “Higher Learning: How can color redefine an object or space?” at the highly regarded design website

The project was an “exploration of the impact of color and its affect—to redefine or revitalize an object of space with a social cause in mind,” she writes, adding that the goal was “to redesign not just better things, but to change an experience and make it meaningful through robust design thinking.”

Read her full interview with John Barretto and Tom Sieu, instructors who led student teams involved in the project, here. Read our previous coverage of the project here.

Instructors Tom Barretto (center) and Tom Sieu (right) led teams of Graphic Design students who contributed solutions to the project.

Posted: Thursday, September 27th, 2012
Filed under: Faculty News, Partnerships