Pantone + Academy of Art U: Color in Action returns in 2013


One year ago, the School of Graphic Design collaborated with global color authority Pantone to explore the use of color and design to advance social impact. The work that Academy students did for the Color in Action collaboration attracted national attention and landed scholarship awards from Pantone. Now the partnership is returning for 2013.

Graphic Design Instructor Tom Sieu reports that the second year of the partnership with Pantone will build on the anti-bullying theme developed by Academy students in 2012. For 2013, Graphic Design students and Pantone will work with Venetia Valley K–8 School in San Rafael, Calif. Sieu says that among potential deliverables are a color-related teaching guide and a mural for the school.

“We are now into prototyping stage,” reports Sieu, “so it’s not the same thing we did last semester … we are actually bringing this vision into practice and reality.”

Watch here for details and announcements in February, and coverage of Color in Action/2013 activities throughout the coming year.

Posted: Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
Filed under: Partnerships, Student Work