Project Firefly brings power to the people

MFA students Paulina Mcfarland, Yun Lin, and Stephanie Shelar became Team Firefly in Phil Hamlett’s Graphic Design and Sustainability class to address the GOOD Magazine Design Challenge presented to them by Alissa Walker.

Team Firefly envisions the possibilities of transforming San Francisco into the first people-powered city. By expanding the use of nascent piezo-electric capture systems (currently being used in small-scale situations such as floor panels in subway stations to power onsite displays, and nightclub dance floors to crowd harness energy), Team Firefly takes a big conceptual leap and describes a future San Francisco that is powered by its own citizens. A personal “Firefly” device, (much like a pedometer) captures the wearer’s kinetic energy and converts it to electricity. Web portals track Firefly users “personal power” cache and facilitate a range of participatory activities such as rival neighborhood energy smackdowns and individual fitness achievement goals.

Project Firefly can also be found on Design Ignites Change and The Living Principles.

Posted: Thursday, October 20th, 2011
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