Rasmus Nilsson’s designs light up Packaging of the World

Litetronics (lede)-sizedGraphic Design student Rasmus Nilsson’s bold redesigns of light bulb packaging are shining brightly at Packagingoftheworld.com. Nilsson imagined that upgrading staid rectangular boxes into architecturally minded forms would fit perfectly into high-end design stores as beautiful objects in themselves.

Litetronics (1)-sizedHe says he chose Litetronics, a supplier of light bulbs to interior design stores (among others) for just that reason. “I decided that to launch their rebrand they would make a limited series of bulbs to appeal more to these areas. The system was built on the use of contrasting typography, bright colors and flower bulb illustrations to evoke the concept of beautiful light.

Litetronics (2)-sizedNilsson, who came to San Francisco from his native Sweden to study at the Academy, created this school project for Packaging Design 1 class under instructor Beau Monroe.The sense of playful (but carefully honed) balance in the boxes’ form is exemplary of Scandinavian design, along with a clear typographical hierarchy and easy readability. The color identities for each wattage also ensure ready identification when making a return trip to buy more bulbs. As works on their own, the illustrations are precise, spare and carefully rendered, invoking all the energy of illumination as captured in a small paper package.

Litetronics (8)-sized

Litetronics (7)-sizedLitetronics (6)-sizedThe recognition for this project is a luminous success for Nilsson, who is sure to follow up with more bright work in his career at the Academy and beyond.

Posted: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
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