Sampson Tsai’s Designs Accelerate Brand Extension for Lamborghini

tsai-lede-editedSampson Tsai’s sleek new designs featured at Packaging of the World aim to steer Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini into a whole new market. Expanding the brand is the goal Tsai had in mind with this targeted foray into men’s skin care, created for Tom McNulty’s Package Design 3 course.tsai-2-edited

“Lamborghini has grown rapidly, and now I’m attempting to extend their product line, like Porsche or Ferrari, by cross-branding their image into skin care for men,” Tsai explains. “The project was intended to demonstrate what approach Lamborghini might take if it was to introduce a range of skin care products. When we think of Lamborghini, we often envision the unique body style and speed of the company’s luxury cars. Each part of the automobile is an expression of art in itself.”tsai-1-edited

Automobile fans will instantly recognize the angularity of the packaging as a perfect evocation of Lamborghini’s aerodynamic styling. The treatment of text is futuristic, as if it were part of an advanced user interface in one of these advanced vehicles. Capping it off, literally, is the intelligent placement of carbon-fiber patterning, a material liberally utilized in high-performance autos due to its low weight and extreme strength.

Tsai even went so far as to imagine the stand on which the products would be presented; it could easily be a component from the interior of a racing car. In this effort, the BFA student captures the essence of Lamborghini and distills it into key design elements that will translate well into an array of products.

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Posted: Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
Filed under: Alumni Awards