Students package the world in Bazaar food line for Trader Joe’s

bazaar_packaging_logo_79nmBazaar, a spicemarket-chic fictional food line by Graphic Design students, is being served up courtesy of Packaging of the World in recent coverage.

What’s decidedly not “bazaar” (sic) about the project is that the identity’s talented designers—Megan Myers, Melissa Gamo, Taylor Marvin and Katie Mullins—developed the concept as part of Michael Osborne’s Package Design 4 class, an advanced-level course in conception and execution of product identity.


bazaar_packaging_dip_79nmThe assignment: “As a team of four, create several product lines (store brand and private label), to be sold at Trader Joe’s, which are not currently offered. Design a brand identifier and brand promise for each line along with a successful packaging system.”

The creative cartel behind Bazaar responded to this challenge by digging deep into what a line of hand-batched regional rarities might look like, with details such as packing straw and crate-like boxing that would look right at home in a trade caravan.bazaar_packaging_wine_79nm

The Solution: “The group project for Package Design 4 was a four-month process,” says the team’s Megan Myers. “We started with research into what type of lines would be most beneficial to Trader Joe’s as a company. From there we designed new logos and thought of unique concepts to best sell our products. Along the way, we learned production techniques such as how to create custom bottles, clear pressure-sensitive labels and large quantities of rubdowns, and how to correctly print oversize packaging.”

Every element in the Bazaar line has an air of rugged functionality, of being cobbled together by the hands of tradesmen someplace yet undiscovered. The beautiful graphic patterns on the labels and wrappings astutely imitate the color and quality of fine fabrics—the kind you might see worn by someone in Africa or India dining on these very same foods.bazaar-packaging_curry_79nm

bazaar_packaging_azifa_paste_79nmWe look forward to seeing what these inventive students will export next. Stay tuned to for more innovative packaging solutions.

Posted: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014
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